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Already Registered Students

With school soon resuming, please ensure you list which school you attend correctly, and if you are available anytime, or only outside high school hours. Requests are currently being processed within 10-15 business days.

Please see Program Info if you are not yet registered!

Requests are processed on a first-in first-out basis. PLEASE REQUEST ONLY 1 APPOINTMENT AT A TIME.

As a part of the graduated licensing program, students have a 9-month waiting period with their learner’s permit (class 7) before being eligible to test for their ‘G’ (class 5). Therefore, appointments are generally spaced out over 9 months. On average, students will need to schedule 5 to 7 in-car sessions over 9 months to complete the program.

Students are expected to practice the taught driving skills at home with a co-pilot as much as possible. 


Private Driving Lessons

If you are interested in hourly private lessons, you can request driving time by clicking above.

We offer Private Driving Instruction at $65/hr plus tax with a minimum booking of 1.5 hours ($97.50+tax).

Upon completing the request drivetime form, you are required to submit payment for the in-car instruction. If you would like to confirm availability before making payment, please contact our office at (902) 291-3100.

Safe Drivers PEI can provide a vehicle and co-pilot for your driving exam at Access PEI for $97.5+tax. We highly recommend booking a private lesson with us before scheduling an Access PEI driving exam so we can better assess your skill level. When requesting a vehicle and co-pilot for an Access PEI exam, please include the date, time, and pickup location, while noting in the comment field that it is a driving exam at Access PEI (Charlottetown, Summerside, etc.)