Contact Information

Contact: Stewart Brookins


Phone/text:(902) 439-0966

Available, In car instructors:

Gregg Hogg (902) 439-3653

Bev Marchbank (902) 439-6896

Stewart Brookins (902) 439-0966



FOR DRIVING APPOINTMENTS: Please email, call or text the instructors listed above.

Please continue with the same instructor for future appointments.

Driving appointments should be spaced at least 7 days apart and students should have at least 5 hours of at home practice before booking their next session with their instructor.    ( Subject to student skill level, as beginning students, may book their sessions closer together as needed, to gain basic driving skills, prior to driving with their co pilot(s) at home.)
Students will have about seven in car sessions, over a seven to eight month period. Students are also expected to hone their learned skills with regular driving practice at home. (semi weekly or more.)

Graduated Licensing Programs have waiting periods that are intended to allow new drivers to practice their driving over many months, and gain experience prior to being fully licensed.

Students who delay their at home driving practice, may not be prepared for driver testing at the end of the required waiting period. Students that have been driving at home for several months, are generally well prepared for driver testing.