Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – What does Drivers Ed cost?

The Safe Drivers PEI, program costs $750.00. Tax included.

With available payment plans , the cost can be as little as $21.00 per week. (payments may be made over nine months) Please note that about $160.00 of the fees normally paid at Access PEI are covered within the Safe Drivers PEI program. ( The study cards $20/ beginners testing $20 /driver testing $20, and the provincial novice driver program $100.00, are all covered within the Safe Drivers PEI program. (Beginners license cost of $20.00 will be charged to the student at Access PEI.)

So lets do some math.

Drivers Ed costs $652.19 plus tax = $750.00. Subtract the fees (testing and program fees) normally paid at Access PEI. ($160.00), and the true cost for taking Drivers ed sits at $590.00.

Now lets look at some insurance reductions.

For a principle driver (Group 3), a basic 1 million PLPD coverage can normally be around $150.00 per month or $1800.00 per year.

With a Drivers Ed certificate, most insurance companies will move the new driver to a group 6. ( six years no accidents) around  $58.00 per month or $700.00 per year.

That is a difference of $1100.00 per year and the savings should increase as years pass without any accidents or tickets on the new drivers record. Savings over the first 6 years can be several thousands of dollars.

Some past students have reported savings of up to $1900.00 in their 5th year alone. ( New car with full coverage.)

If your insurance broker isn’t offering you the best deal, you should shop around. I’ve seen parents be charged large increases by their broker, but after shopping around, ended up paying less after the new driver was added to there vehicle, than what they were paying before.

Ask yourself this. “How expensive is drivers education, when considering reduced insurance costs or even one accident that could have been avoided?”

#2 – Will we save on our auto insurance? (Recap from above.)

New drivers generally receive a reduction from insurance companies when they have taken Drivers Education with Safe Drivers P.E.I.

Most insurance providers will offer a group 6 rating (six years with no accidents or convictions.) to drivers who have completed our full program.Course fees are often recovered within the first year of driving. ( depending on coverage ) Some students have reported savings as high as $1900.00 in a single year.

Please check with your insurance provider for more specific information. Also ask your friends and check around for the best rates. Some customers may have been mislead by their insurance broker and ended up paying a much higher rate than they could have been charged.

Some customers have called us to inquire about their new drivers insurance costs being unreasonable. We generally advise checking around for a better rate. Some have told us that after switching to a new insurance broker, they are paying less in insurance costs, than before their new driver was added to the policy. (Yes! They had been paying more, prior to their new driver being added on!)

Loyalty to an insurance broker may not be in your best interest. If your not happy with your rate or the service, you can buy insurance from another broker. It’s your money. Be a wise consumer and check around, if your rate seems to high.

Note: Insurance brokers are not the insurer. Brokers are only the people or place that you buy the policy from. The insurance provider is a separate company. Ie. Wawanessa, Portage mutual and many others. You can sometimes get a better price for the same coverage, with the same company, through another broker.

#3 – How old does a student need to be for Driver Education?

Students can start classes up to 90 days before turning 16, and then write for their beginners permit at age 16 or older.

However, it is best to attend classes close to the students 16th birthday. Students may also have their beginners permit prior to attending classes if needed. They must then wait 275 days before taking a drivers test. (if enrolled in Drivers Education with Safe Drivers P.E.I.) or 365 days if not enrolled with Safe Drivers P.E.I or an equivalent program. (Students within 90 days their 16th. birthday should contact us for more information)

#4 – When and where are classes held?

Safe Drivers P.E.I. conducts several courses per school year. The classes are held in Summerside at Three Oaks Senior High school and Holland College,

Courses begin in January, March, April, June, Aug and September in Summerside.

8:30am to 3:00pm for the 4 day classroom programs.

Evening programs are Tuesday & Thursday evenings at TOSH 6:00 to 8:30pm.

(Four day classroom programs, will be offered in Summerside in March, June and Aug.)

(Students may mix classes to work around personal schedules.)

Regular evening classes are divided into 10, 2 1/2 hour sessions over five weeks.

#5 – Where do students meet to drive?

Generally, students are picked up at home or school and dropped off where requested.

#6 – How long are the driving sessions?

Group driving sessions normally last three hours with up to three students in each group. Private lessons are normally 1 & 1/2 hr to 2 hrs.  (1.5 hr minimum.)

#7 What are the rules regarding new drivers?

Students must be 16 years old, before writing the learners licence exam. Students must then hold a valid learners ( class 7 ) licence for 275 days before taking a drivers test.( if in a drivers ed program.)

Other recent changes are as listed below.

1. (Class 5 license) A restriction of one (non family) passenger for 1 year. This applies to all new drivers who have held their class 5 license for less than one year.2. Increased fines and suspensions for non seat belt use,(new drivers are responsible for their passengers seat belt use)

3. Night time driving curfew with class five license, for 1 year. ( no driving between 1 am and 5 am, with work permits available.) Does not apply to drivers over 21 years of age.

4. No use of hand held devices such as cell phones, MP3 players or PDAs. (Hands free devices are permitted.)

5. New drivers must have a black and yellow L (Learner phase) or G (Graduated phase)decal on the front window of the vehicle they are driving. Decals are available at Access P.E.I or from Safe Drivers P.E.I.

This is general information only. Please go to the Graduated License link on our links page, or check with provincial Highway Safety Office for more information.

Thank you for considering Safe Drivers P.E.I.