Frequently Asked Questions


Why Drivers Education?

Learning to drive with a qualified instructor is the best, and safest way for new drivers to learn. Students will benefit from faster learning, a 3-month reduction in the time to qualify for their class 5 exam, lower insurance premiums, and overall safer driving habits. Our vehicles are regularly inspected and are modified with an instructor braking system for added safety.

What does the Drivers Education Program cost?

Please see program info for more information.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! A $300 payment is due upon registering for a class session with the remainder payable as students begin completing in-car lessons. Special payment arrangements can also be made. Please contact us for more information.

Note: Student accounts must be paid in full before a Class 5 driving exam will be scheduled.

Should I take the Drivers Education program or private lessons?

If you are a new driver, we encourage you take our Drivers Education Program. If you have experience driving in other provinces or countries and looking for some practice before taking your PEI driving exam, you can book hourly private lessons here: Request a driving time.

Will I save on my vehicle insurance?

New drivers receive a reduction in vehicle insurance premiums from most insurance providers once they complete the Drivers Education Program with Safe Drivers PEI. Upon completion of the Drivers Education program, students will receive a certificate which they can provide their insurance company.

Class Information

When and where are classes held?

Please see upcoming classes for more information. Classes are usually offered across PEI!

Some of our evening classes are being conducted partly using ZOOM.

How long are class sessions?

The 25 hours of in-class time is offered in two ways several times throughout the year:

  • 8 weekday evenings, typically after school (3.125hrs/per)
  • 4 days, non-school days (6.25hrs/per)

Please see upcoming classes for more information.

In-Car Lesson Information

Where do students meet for In-Car driving sessions?

Generally, students are picked up by our instructors from home, work, or school. We offer at-home pickup within the  Charlottetown, Summerside, Cornwall, Stratford, Kensington, Kinkora, O’Leary, Alberton, Tignish, and surrounding areas.

However, we may ask students to meet us at a central location for pickup-up and drop off depending on scheduling and the students home location.

How long are driving sessions?

Generally sessions last 3 hours with 2 students per group. This allows for both behind the wheel and observation time to be conducted.

However, limitations are currently in place due to COVID-19 and all driving lessons are being conducted one-on-one. While COVID-19 situation continues, in-car appointments are 1.5 to 2 hours in length, with no observation time is required (waiver for at-home observation in-lieu of in place)


How old does a student need to be for Drivers Education?

Students can join a class session up to 90 days before their 16th birthday. Students can write their class 7 (learners permit) exam up to 30 days prior to their 16th birthday; however, students must turn 16 before receiving their class 7 license. 

Students who are in our Drivers Education Program must then hold their class 7 license for 275 days before being eligible for their Class 5 driving exam.

What is the Graduated Licensing Program?

Information regarding the GDL program can be found here.

What are the rules for new drivers?

Students must be 16 years old to receive their class 7 license (learners permit). Students who are in our Drivers Education Program must then hold a class 7 license for 275 days before being eligible for their Class 5 driving exam. More information can be found here.

What is a Co-Pilot?

Information regarding who qualifies to be a Co-Pilot for a class 7 driver can be found here.

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