Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my drivers license in PEI?

If you are a new driver you have 2 options:

Option #1: Complete a Driver Education Program with a certified driving school. In this option the class 7 (learners permit) exam, 10+ hours of in-car driving with an instructor, 6 hours of observing other students drive with an instructor, 25 hours of in-person or online driving theory class, and the driving exam for your class 5 (G) license are all completed with Safe Drivers PEI. Students can complete the entire process in 275 days from the date in which they get their class 7 license (Learners Permit). 

Option #2: Complete the Novice Driver Course with the PEI Department of Highway Safety. In this option the class 7 (learners permit) exam, 5 hours of in-person class, and the driving exam for your class 5 (G) license are all completed by scheduling appointments at Access PEI. No driving lessons are included and all practice must be done at home with a co-pilot. Students can complete the process no faster than 1 year from the date in which they get their class 7 license (Learners Permit). 

Why Drivers Education?

Learning to drive with a qualified instructor is the best, and safest way for new drivers to learn. Students will benefit from faster learning, a 3-month reduction in the time to qualify for their class 5 exam, lower insurance premiums, and overall safer driving habits. Our vehicles are regularly inspected and are modified with an instructor braking system for added safety.

What does the Drivers Education Program cost?

Our Drivers Education program costs between $725 and $1125+hst. Please see New Driver Education Program or Experienced Driver Education Program for more information.

Where does Safe Drivers PEI operate?

With our head office in Kensington, we operate a fleet of vehicles and instructors servicing all of Prince Edward Island including but not limited to: Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford, Summerside, Kensington, Kinkora, Borden-Carleton, Hunter River, Tignish, O’Leary, Alberton, Tyne-Valley, Montague, Murray-River, and Morell.

This includes servicing students across 10 island high schools: Colonel Grey Senior High, Charlottetown Rural Senior High, Bluefield Highschool, Three Oaks Senior High, Kensington Intermediate Senior High, Kinkora Regional Highschool, École Évangéline, École-sur-Mer, Westisle Composite Highschool & Montague Regional Highschool. 

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Safe Drivers PEI offers an installment-based payment system with any of our Drivers Education Programs.
Driver Education program fees can be spread over a maximum of 9 months due as follows:
1. $300 due when registering.
2. $300 due after completing the first in-car driving or observation lesson.
3. Final payment is due based on whichever of the following comes first: a. No later than 9 months from the date of registration; or b. Prior to scheduling a class 5 driving exam

Note: Student accounts must be paid in full before a Class 5 driving exam will be scheduled. For more information please visit our policies and procedures page.

What if I already have my license (class 5)?

You may choose to complete drivers education after already obtaining your class 5 license. You will need to complete the theory and driving portions same as students who only have a class 7 license, however you will be able to finish the program much faster, in as little at 30 days. During this time you maintain all the privelegs associated with your class 5 license. 

Why choose Safe Drivers PEI?

Although there are other driving schools on PEI, Safe Drivers PEI “SDPEI” remains the best choice!

As the largest driving school in the province, SDPEI has a fleet of modern training vehicles and over a dozen highly trained driving instructors.

If you want to know more about the SDPEI advantage, send us a message! we love to talk! 

Should I take the Drivers Education program or hourly lessons?

If you are a new driver, we encourage you take our Drivers Education Program. If you have experience driving in other provinces or countries and looking for some practice before taking your PEI driving exam, you can book hourly private lessons here: View Hourly Lessons Packages

Will I save on my vehicle insurance?

New drivers receive a reduction in vehicle insurance premiums from most insurance providers once they complete the Drivers Education Program with Safe Drivers PEI. Upon completion of the Drivers Education program, students will receive a certificate which they can provide their insurance company.

How do I get my license?

The process starts by getting your class 7 license, sometimes called a learners permit. In order to get this license you must write a 50 question multiple choice and sign test. Upon passing you are eligible to get your license at any access PEI location in PEI. This exam can be written with SDPEI as a part of the Driver Education program, or at an Access PEI location up to 30 days prior to the new drivers 16th birthday. 

What if I already have my learners permit (class 7)?

Good news! If you already have a PEI learners permit, you will not need to complete the ‘rules of the road’ exam again. You will still need to complete the remaining components of drivers education, however you may begin scheduling driving lessons immediately after registering, and do not need to complete the theory portion first.

What if I have a license from another country?

If you hold a drivers license from another country you may or may not need to complete a theory and driving exam on PEI. Only licenses from a few select countries can transfer to PEI without any testing. For more information click here. If your country of origin does not have a Reciprocal Exchange Agreement with PEI, you may still drive on PEI for up to 120 days as a new resident, or for up to 6 months with a visitor’s visa.
To convert a license from a non-reciprocal country to PEI, you must complete the “rules of the road” written exam as well as a driving exam. If you are enrolled in a Drivers Education Program you may complete both steps with Safe Drivers PEI, otherwise, it must be completed at Access PEI. You will not be required to wait either the 275 days or 365 under the GDL program before proceeding with your driving exam.
Upon completion of the written and driving exams, you will be issued a stage 2 license under the GDL program (class 5) and will remain in the GDL program for 2 years.

Class Information

When and where are classes held?

Please see upcoming classes for more information. Classes are usually offered across PEI!

Some of our venues include Holland College campuses across PEI, Three Oaks Senior High School, Bluefield High School, Charlottetown Rural High School, Colonel Grey Senior High School, Montague Regional High School, Credit Union Place in Summerside, and the O’Leary Community Complex. 

Do classes and driving have to happen in the same area?

No! We offer students the ability to conduct classes and driving anywhere we operate! this means a student can attend classes in O’Leary, and still book a lesson in Charlottetown if they wish!

Does completing classes help me with the learners permit exam?

Yes – sort of. The classes are designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge of driving.

Although the material taught in the class will certainly help with the written exam, the written exam for the class 7 license can be successfully completed if the student studies the PEI Learners permit prep-kit study cards or the PEI Drivers Handbook.

How long are class sessions?

The 25 hours of in-class time is offered in two ways several times throughout the year:

  • 8 weekday evenings, typically after school (3hrs/per)
  • 4 days, non-school days (6hrs/per)

An additional 1 hour session is offered with each class for students to write their learners permit exams as needed. 

Please see upcoming classes for more information.

Is there an online option?

Yes, students can choose to complete the 25 hours theory portion using the Safe Drivers PEI Online Driver Education Program. Students in the online course must still complete the in-car driving, observation, and complete the class 7 and class 5 exams in-person.

Please see Online Learning for more information.

Do I have to finish the classes before I can drive?

No! New students who are 16 or older and already have their learners permit (class 7) can begin booking driving lessons immediately after registration, regardless of when the class sessions they registered for is schedule.  

Students who are 16 or older already and don’t yet have their learners permit (class 7), can schedule a time to write the exam with us as soon as they are comfortable. Students do not have to wait until they finish their classes to write the exam for their learners permit.

In-Car Lesson Information

Where do students meet for In-Car driving sessions?

Generally, students are picked up by our instructors from home, work, or school. We offer pickup within the  Charlottetown, Summerside, Cornwall, Stratford, Kensington, Kinkora, O’Leary, Alberton, Tignish, Montague, and surrounding areas.

However, we may ask students to meet us at a central location for pickup-up and drop off depending on scheduling and the students home location.

Can I be picked up and dropped off at home?

Safe Drivers PEI offers Home Pickup and Dropoff in the following areas: Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague, Cornwall, Stratford, Kensington, Kinkora, Borden-Carleton, O’Leary, Tignish and Alberton.

Students who live outside of our home pickup areas can choose a central pickup and drop off location for the area in which they are driving. These locations are often high schools or other prominent location in the community. 

Can I be picked up or dropped off somewhere else ?

Students can be picked up for lessons in any of the areas where we offer home pickup and drop off. This could be a students work address or a friends house. As long as the pickup and drop off location is within one of the following areas: Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague, Cornwall, Stratford, Kensington, Kinkora, Borden-Carleton, O’Leary, Tignish and Alberton.

Do I drive with the same instructor every time?

Students can choose who to drive with based on the available appointments!

Some students choose to schedule with the same instructor each time, and some students choose to drive with a few different instructors over the duration of the program. It is completely the students choice! Check out our instructors here.

How long are driving sessions?

In-car appointments are typically 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Students may combine driving and observation appointments for a total combined appointments length of 3 to 4 hours.

When can I start in-car lessons?

Students can begin booking in-car lessons as soon as they are registered and have their learners permit (class 7 license). Students do not have to complete the class sessions before booking driving appointments. 

Will there be an observer in car when I drive?

As a part of the PEI Driver Education curriculum, students must spend 6 hours watching another student drive with an instructor. We call this observation time. Since all driver education students must complete it, it is likely that during some driving lessons, students may have one or two student observers in the back seat. Student observers are to remain silent for the duration of the lesson, and shall only watch the instruction being provided to the driving student. 

Students with anxiety or other conditions which may be worsened by having an observer present can request to book lessons without an observer, however, Safe Drivers PEI reserves the right to place observers in driver training vehicles as needed for students to complete their training. 

Is there a wait list to begin lessons?

Absolutely not (anymore). The driver training industry struggled during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shutdowns resulted in delays for some students to finish their driving time or complete their driving exam. As of 2022, no delays are occurring and eligible students can finish their hourly lessons or driver education program in as little as a few weeks. 


How old does a student need to be for Drivers Education?

Students can join a class session up to 90 days before their 16th birthday. Students can write their class 7 (learners permit) exam up to 30 days prior to their 16th birthday; however, students must turn 16 before receiving their class 7 license. 

Students who are in our Drivers Education Program must then hold their class 7 license for 275 days before being eligible for their Class 5 driving exam.

What is the Graduated Licensing Program?

Information regarding the GDL program can be found here.

What are the rules for new drivers?

Students must be 16 years old to receive their class 7 license (learners permit). Students who are in our Drivers Education Program must then hold a class 7 license for 275 days before being eligible for their Class 5 driving exam. More information can be found here.

What is a Co-Pilot?

Information regarding who qualifies to be a Co-Pilot for a class 7 driver can be found here.

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