Complete Drivers Education Classes on your schedule!  

Safe Drivers PEI is thrilled to offer a 100% asynchronous Drivers Education Program! 

Students can register for our online program now using the registration page. Once registered students can write their learners permit exam, get their learners permit, and begin driving.  

High Quality Learning from home!

The SDPEI online drivers education program provides an in-depth learning experience using online modules with interactive lessons and quizzes.

Topics covered include Rules of the Road, Driver Behaviour & Responsibility, Laws of Physics, Vehicle Components, Driving Techniques, Driving Situations, & Emergencies.

Moodle Based

Our online program is hosted on a program known as “Moodle”. This is the same program used by universities and colleges across Canada! 


Students can complete course material at their own time! From the date of enrollment students are given 90 days to complete the course. 

Learning Material

Throughout the 25 hours of material, students will learn about the proper use and recognition of traffic control devices, driving techniques, and much more!  

Intensive Course

This course is not recommended for students who are brand new to online learning. This course covers a significant amount of information and may be overwhelming to students without some experience in online learning. 

Ready to Register? 

Students can register for our online asynchronous drivers education program using the button below.


Still have questions?

Give us a call or send us an email for more information! 

How long will this online course take me to complete?

The SDPEI online course has been developed to include all the material from our in-person classes. Students can expect to spend 25 hours to complete the course.

What do I need to complete it?

Our course is built in Moodle so it is very user friendly. We recommend using a computer to complete to modules, however they can be completed on a mobile device or tablet.

What if I am already registered for an in-person class?

If you are already registered for an upcoming in-person class and would like to switch to our new online learning option, please contact us and will switch you! 

How long do I have to complete the course?

Because this course is in a trial phase – students must complete the entire course within 60 days from starting. Students who do not complete the course by the deadline will need to attend in-person classes (no additional charge) or wait for the online course to reopen in fall 2022.

What if I have problems with the course?

As this is new, we expect some glitches. Even though we have done a lot to limit the bugs – there may still be some! If you encounter a problem, please reach out to us at or give us a call so we can fix the issue.