Safe Drivers PEI instructors, are some of the most experienced and professional instructors available on PEI.   Our instructors have been trained at Nova Scotia Safety Services in Halifax. All are provincially certified and licensed for driver instruction by the government of PEI.  Our training vehicles are regularly inspected, and equipped with an instructor’s brake, and other safety equipment.

Program overview

Our program includes:

➤ All study materials.
➤ Testing for the beginners permit. (Class 7 license) 1 test. ($20.00 for additional or private testing.)
➤ 25 hours of classroom instruction & 10 hours of behind the wheel driving instruction + 6 hours of in car observation time
➤ Drivers test for the drivers, class 5 license.  1 test. ( $25.00 for additional testing.)


Our Instruction includes:

➤ Proper use and recognition of traffic control devices.
➤ Interpretation of traffic situations, rules & laws. (formal and informal)
➤ Reverseing: straight,left & right.
➤ Parking techniques
➤ Lane changing and merging techniques.
➤ Emergency situation and advoidance skills.

Driving is a skill, and professional instruction is the best and safest way to learn effectively. Safe Driving is no Accident.

Private driving instruction is also available on a per hour basis. Please call for rate information.

Detailed Program Description

The program is divided into two parts.

(1) Classroom.

Twenty five hours of in classroom — studying the rules of the road, vehicle control techniques, safety systems, emergency accident avoidance and a host of other driver related topics.

We also include guest speakers.( Subject to availablity)

Mr. Alex Poole, was involved in a very serious collision and has been in a wheel chair for most of his adult life. His presentation is very powerful, and shows the reality that can result from impaired, distracted or unsafe driving habits .We also try to have a police officer or EMT give a presentation and provide some first hand knowledge on the situations that can result from unsafe driving.

(2) In car training.

The next phase of the Safe Drivers P.E.I. program, is made up of driving time behind the wheel with the instructor as well as practice time at home with an experienced driver.

The minimum driving time with an instructor, is ten hours of training behind the wheel and six hours of observing other students. This time is completed over several months. ( Normally about seven sessions.)

During these sessions, the student will be challenged with driving situations such as merging, lane changing, intersection navigation, and of course, parking.

Students are given instruction to help them become more comfortable in daily traffic environments. The “at home” driving is to be a minimum of 50 hours. The more experience a new driver has with their co-pilot, the better equipped they will be to pass their drivers test, and to drive safely when they receive their class 5 drivers licence.