General Policies and Procedures

Behind-The-Wheel Lessons:

  1. Students must have a valid driving license with them at all driving lessons. This includes:
    1. a valid Prince Edward Island learners’ permit, or
    2. a valid learners permit from another Canadian jurisdiction, or
    3. A valid foreign driver’s license with a Prince Edward Island Voluntary ID card or RIN number.
  1. Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled driving lesson by the student/parent/guardian.
  2. Safe Drivers PEI has a $40+hst late cancellation and a $40+hst no-show policy to cover the costs associated with your missed lesson. 
  3. Any student who arrives without a valid driver’s license, is impaired by any manner (lack of sleep, intoxication, medication, etc.), or is wearing footwear that may impair the ability to safely operate the vehicle will have their lesson cancelled. The lesson will be considered a last-minute cancellation/no-show, and a $40+hst cancellation fee will apply. 

Lost or Damaged Textbooks and Study Cards

Safe Drivers PEI drivers’ education program fee does not cover lost or damaged textbooks or study cards. The students class 5 licensing exam will be postponed pending payment of replacement cost(s). The replacement cost for textbooks is $50+hst, while study cards are $20+hst. 

Drivers Education Certificate of Completion

In order to be eligible to receive a certificate, you must complete the following:

  • 25 hours of classroom attendance with SDPEI.
  • Minimum 10 hours of in car training with an SDPEI Instructor.
  • Minimum 6 hours of observation time in a SDPEI training vehicle.
  • Student account paid in full. 

Program Completion Policy

Safe Drivers PEI does not guarantee student completion within a certain time frame. Although the vast majority of students are able to complete drivers’ education within the 275-day class 7 license mandatory waiting period, a students ability to complete within this time frame is determined by when the student first began with Safe Drivers PEI in relation to their class 7 license issue date, and appointment booking frequency.

Students must complete all of their driving lessons and classes within 24 months of registration. 

Student Accounts Policy

Student accounts must be paid in full no later than 9 months from the date of registration or prior to scheduling a class 5 driving exam, whichever is soonest. Student accounts should be paid off as the student completes driving lessons and/or prior to the due-date.

Students with overdue accounts will be unable to schedule driving lessons until the balance is paid. Once an overdue account reaches 12 months from the initial date of registration, the student account will automatically be deactivated and a fee will apply for reinstatement. This fee is equal to the cost of the program at the time less the cost of the program at the date of registration plus $50. 

Refund Policy

$300 payments made to register for an upcoming driver education program are non refundable unless the student is unable to complete the program for a reason deemed necessary to Safe Drivers PEI. However, students may move out of the program they initially registered for, and into any future program without penalty.  

Any student who pays for driving lessons in advance and requests a refund will receive a refund for those lessons not yet taken (or scheduled within the next 24 hours). The refund amount will be at the discretion of SDPEI in-review of what the student has completed to date. An administration fee of $50 will apply.